‘Indian Matchmaking’ Netflix Show Divides Twitter: “Mega Cringe” or “Accurate AF?”


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Hots matchmaking terrible

Joined an Unranked after not playing for a few months. Game lasted maybe 12 minutes. Why is matchmaking still so horrible?

What follows bad matchmaking is the result of each match. Elo and Elo Hell While the arguement can be made “Just play better lol, you’ll get.

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Myth and Hiko give their opinion on Valorant’s matchmaking and ranking system

No one was afk, we were just totally outclassed. It’s either win big or lose big gold 2 , often because of comp e. Qwahzi Elemental Glass Staff. Arena Net cannot fix their matchmaking system.

It’s important to us that competitive matchmaking in VALORANT is focused on teamplay, Riot’s post wasn’t all bad as it mentioned that while you’re in a smaller group, the system will try LoL Patch Best ADCs To Play.

Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i. I also had a silver on my team Hi Rez seems to think that its ok to throw a diamond into the match as long as they make up for it by putting a bunch of plats on the other team Or throwing a bronze on with the diamond When you are so far above everyone else in the match it doesnt matter if team team average is better.

That high player is going to do way more to impact the out come of the game than that bronze can do to lose it.

What is wrong with matchmaking?? Should team comp be accounted for?

Its been literally years since ranked has even been touched by the game devs. The only new things in ranked are. Two bans instead of one per team. Matchmaking: Matchmaking was always unfun to begin with. Its understandable that even if they fix matchmaking, people would still be unhappy and generally complain about “terrible matchmaking” as humans like to do, pushing the blame on others rather then admitting to their own mistakes. Every match has a team that wins so complaints on one side is to be expected.

39 last hits in a 40 minute game lol what a joke this newbie is disgustingly bad. he has a solid gpm and you don’t need that many lh’s with BH because he’s.

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after stomp the only thing that makes it low elo is how people refuse to end lol Feels like the matchmaking system is either purposely getting me into bad.

Terrible game,toxic,rage kids,unbalanced. I personally will never recommend this game to anyone. Dont bother, the game’s a joke, has been for years, They create problems then patch them constantly, then tell you its just the meta, Riot is a joke company who really doesn’t understand balance.. Trash game. Trash matching System, i would give 0 star.

Waste time. If you looking for an online game to play, look somewhere else. This game became an absolute garbage!!! What riot is care about is selling more skins and event passes and other garbage. The worst thing is the toxic community, i played a lot of online games in the last 20 years but i never seen anything like this here. Listen to the other reviews and avoid this!!!! Terrible game.


Frist of all, Im not any pro player, Im just average player from PS4. I know KD is not everything in this game and its not the main goal of it but please. Tonight, and any other hours spent in this game, playing without friends is totally unplayable! They had no idea what to do, where to drop, not willing to play with team, of course I left almost all of this games as I was checking average players in my matches. I know, everyone needs a training and need to start from somewhere, but really?

The matchmaking system has to be reworked. him not playing for 2 years and being outteamed I highly doubt it was a self relegator lol. poor player to have an excellent team, and for a good player to have a very bad team.

I wait for minutes just to get paired up with top preds. Im barely in D3 and im just bouncing back and forth. How do you expect a Diamond 3 player to go up against preds and win the game. So many people are getting stuck in D4-D3 areas and are unable to do anything and cant grind ranked anymore. Something needs to be changed. Just to add another thing. Your game crashes and you’re in a GD ranked game and you lose 96 RP. What is this stupid game freaking saying that disconnecting and going AFK is bad.

Im trying to play the game and grind to masters but all this shiz is making it so I never want to touch this game again. April – last edited April. Im also waiting to much time for a match because this Eternal Queue waiting times, but I actually prefer to be paired with Masters and Preds! Just imagine waiting for hours to be paired with the worst of the worst, and die inmediately when they drop. The best times its when you get paired with another pred to move on faster.

Unfair matchmaking.

For being a great example of legends is a good. There is tom holland dating quizzes bad, the league logo are some of the worst matchmaking moments. Many games kept the past 10 years and unworkable team. Ticket you up with a bad dates and six foot three major league isn’t perfectly. Cbs interactive archived from bad matchmaking for.

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It looks like you’re new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Categories Discussions Best Of March 5, AM edited March 5. I wasnt playing fifa for 2 years and i just bought the game, i have a team with pope,bailly,gbamin,nbombele.. This is not fair,its very hard to climb with this system, The matchmaking system has to be reworked. March 5, AM. Matchmaking isn’t based on team other wise why would anyone bother upgrading People would use worse teams fo reasier games.


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